Tranquil Morning Rabbitry

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Mini Rex Rabbits

We raise mini rex in the following colors:  Black and Blues, Otters, and Blue-eyed white.

Mini Rex are a small rabbit breed weighing 3 1/2- 4 1/2 lbs.  They have a very different fur type than other breeds in that they have very short guard hairs, and not many of them.  this gives their coat a plush velvet feel to it.  Mini Rex come in a wide variety of colors making them fun to breed.  They have calm temperaments and are very popular 4H projects.

Blacks and Blues

Joe-Kerr's Remington  

black buck

GC - 3 legs

Papy's Ebony

 black doe

BB's Bluebelle 

blue doe

H&E's Shadow

broken blue jr buck

Blue Eyed Whites

TMF Indigo 

blue eyed white buck

SS Axel 

blue eyed white buck


 ruby eyed white doe


DD's Spotted

broken opal doe, vienna carrier.


TMF Fantasy

 broken lynx buck