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French Angora Rabbits

We raise French Angora rabbits in a variety of colors.

French Angoras are one of five angora rabbit breeds.  Over the years we have owned all the various breeds, but always come back to the French.  French Angoras have clean (wool free) faces and ears.  They can be either shaved or plucked.  They come in a very wide variety of colors.  They have very calm temperaments.  We have found them to require less grooming than other angora breeds.


Westover's Wheat (chestnut agouti buck)

TMF Storm Cloud (chocolate agouti buck)


TMF Buttercup (chocolate agouti doe)

TMF Fantasia (lynx doe)

TMF Ginger (chestnut agouti doe)

TMF Storm

Chestnut Agouti Angora buck

TMF Ginger

Chestnut Agouti doe